We Understand You Wear Many Hats

After years of talking with people responsible for marketing at telecoms, ISPs, electric cooperatives, and cable companies, one thing became clear: You are often responsible for much more than marketing. In other words, you wear many hats. Your projects may also include regulatory issues, customer service, sales, product development, and pricing.

Little wonder, then, that you need help with marketing. That’s where Cornerstone Group comes in. Partner with us and you won’t have to go it alone. We’ll be right here to turn that seemingly impossible dream into reality — whether it means producing a postcard pronto or skillfully sharpening the rough edges of your eNewsletter.

You Need Smart Solutions

Cornerstone Group offers an extensive collection of proven solutions for a wide variety of marketing challenges. We can also create fully customized campaign materials to meet your specific needs.

You Need Fast Turnaround

Sometimes a window of opportunity is only open for a short time. Or a “back burner” project suddenly gets moved to the "front burner." Since we do the heavy lifting and work quickly, you can meet even tight deadlines.

You Need Cost Efficiency

Our turnkey marketing solutions were designed to help you maximize the impact of every dollar. You get professionally written and designed pieces that look like a million but fit comfortably in your budget.

You Need More Details

Contact Shane Petersen for the following products:

  • Internet/Broadband eNewsletters
  • StreamNow Insider and Website
  • Digital TV eNewsletters
  • B2B Magazines
  • Branded Online "Flip" B2B Magazines
  • B2B eNewsletters
  • Branded Website Compass Magazines
  • Branded Online "Flip" Website Compass Magazines

Contact Melisa DePaolo for the following products:

  • Broadband Promotion Planner
    - Bill Inserts
    - Newspaper Ads
    - Postcards
    - Web Banners
    - Posters
  • Print Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Billboards
  • Directory Covers & Ads
  • Channel Lineup Cards & Brochures

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