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Residential Print Newsletter Program

Easy to Do • Easy to Afford • Easy to Customize

Are you currently producing an in-house residential print newsletter and struggling to develop content and meet deadlines? Or have you wanted to create a print newsletter but other job demands keep pushing the project to the back burner? Either way, Cornerstone Group can help.

Our turnkey Print Newsletters are designed to streamline the process and make it easy to regularly communicate with your residential customers:

  • We do the heavy lifting for you including writing and design.
  • Choose from a variety of print newsletter options to fit your schedule, marketing goals, and budget.
  • Promote your company’s products within the context of seasonal needs and activities.

It’s also easy to find out more. Call or click today.

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Turnkey Print Newsletters

Click to enlarge this sample This is the easiest and most affordable option in our Residential Print Newsletter Program. Each month, we develop two-page and four-page versions of the Turnkey Newsletter featuring timely articles and a product promotion. Simply fill in your company’s pricing and a few other details and we do the rest.

To keep costs down, the Turnkey Newsletters are designed to be bill stuffers so the postage of a separate mailing is not required. You choose the frequency: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or occasionally.

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Customized Print Newsletters

Click to enlarge this sample Does your newsletter need to include lots of local content such as community news, company events, product promotions, and employee profiles? Then our Customized Print Newsletters are the ideal solution. Just tell us roughly what you’d like to communicate in each issue, and we’ll buff up the writing and design to create a sparkling publication for you.

To meet different requirements, we offer Customized Print Newsletters with two, four, or eight pages and frequencies of monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Customized Print Newsletters sound tailor-made for me.

Hybrid Print Newsletters

Click to enlarge this sample If you love the simplicity of our Turnkey Newsletters but would like to customize an article or two from time to time, we recommend our Hybrid Newsletters. They combine the turnkey and customized approaches.

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Online "Flip" for Archiving

Click to enlarge this sample Archive past issues of your print newsletters in this easy-to-download and read flip form. We'll take your final PDF and convert it to an online flip version, then send you an animated GIF file and website link for you to post to your website.

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À la Carte

Click to enlarge this sample If your in-house team produces your residential print newsletter but struggles to come up with content, ask about our collection of hundreds of articles available for purchase. They cover a wide variety of topics related to communications services, seasonal activities, safety, and more.

I'd like to see the à la carte menu.


"For years, we produced our newsletter in-house. I would spend countless hours writing articles and trying to get everything to format correctly. I dreaded doing the newsletter because I’m not really a writer and it was a time-consuming project. We switched our newsletter to Cornerstone Group in March and now I wonder why we waited so long. Cornerstone takes the hard work off my shoulders. The whole process is a breeze and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product."

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