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eNewsletter Program

Cost-Effective • Relationship-Building • Sales-Generating

It’s less expensive to retain current customers than to acquire new ones. To help your company nurture customer relationships, Cornerstone Group offers a turnkey eNewsletter Program.

Your customized eNewsletters will be emailed to your house list on a monthly basis in order to:

  • Establish your company as a valuable resource by providing customers with timely information and tips related to communications services.
  • Tap the power of email to influence buying decisions. According to a recent study by Exact Target, 66 percent of online Americans say they’ve made a purchase as a result of an email from a brand, more than three times the percentage of people who have purchased in response to a message delivered via Facebook or text message.
  • Take advantage of consistent messaging and low costs to get the most impact from your marketing dollars.

Find out how easy it is to stay top of mind with your customers.

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Broadband eNewsletters

examples of turnkey monthly broadband enewsletters Your broadband customers will appreciate the monthly alerts about online scams as well as other helpful features including your customized promotions or announcements, answers to FAQs, and tutorials. To further encourage readership, Broadband eNewsletters also include cool Pinterest pins, amazing videos, and "worth checking out" websites.

Remember — the more your broadband customers know about today's online resources, the more likely they are to upgrade their speeds. That means more sales revenue for you.

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Digital TV eNewsletters

example of turnkey monthly tv enewsletters There's a lot of competition out there for entertainment services. Your company can strengthen customer loyalty by providing your TV customers with the value-added benefit of our Digital TV eNewsletters.

These TV eNewsletters enable you to easily promote local programming, notify of channel changes, encourage upgrades to premium packages, and announce new PPV/VOD releases. Your customers will also look forward to chuckling through video clips from old commercials and TV shows as well as participating in viewer polls.

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