eTracking Tutorials

How to Import a List

We'll show you how to magically turn your Excel spreadsheet into a list in your eTracking account.

Editing Your Lightbox

Want to make changes to the look of your Lightbox? We will walk you through the steps to do just that. This kind of redecorating is cheap, fast, and fun!

Updating Contact Information

This tutorial will show you how to add a contact, update an existing contact's information, or delete a contact.

Adding Contact Fields

Not seeing a contact field in your account that you want added to a form? Watch this video on how to add one.

Classic Trigger Form

This feature allows customers to fill in their information so CSRs can follow up with them about your most recent promotion. A Classic Trigger Form is a great feature that can be placed as a link in your mailings.

How to Send an eBlast

eBlasts are great to send out to those who clicked on your promotion in your mailings. Watch this short tutorial to learn how to set up and send/schedule eBlasts.

Export Leads

The main purpose of this program is to find leads through your emails. This short tutorial will show you how to export the names and emails of those who clicked on your promotion. And then you can send them the fancy eBlast that you created in the previous tutorial!

Adding Photos to Library

No need to stress over finding photos on your computer anymore. Saving photos to your library and placing them in folders in your eTracking account will save you a bunch of time.

Employee Birthday Reminder

Wish everybody in the office knew it was your birthday? Well, here is an easy way to set up emails that will boost employee morale!

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