Privacy Policy

At Cornerstone Group we recognize and respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of our Communications Partners and your customers. We have established this Privacy Policy as a result. The information provided to us by our Communications Partners help us in our pursuit of giving you the products and the services you desire.

Cornerstone Group DOES NOT make email addresses, names, company personnel data, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, or fax numbers available from any Communications Partner or their customers to any third party, whether this information is provided via email, fax, phone, ftp or any other communication transfer devise unless 1) required by law or 2) it is necessary for the performance of our services, i.e. mail fulfillment, hosting/email services, and payment of your account.

Cornerstone Group may make AGGREGATE information available to potential advertisers related to the geographic regions of participating Communications Partners as quantifiable support of the distribution of Cornerstone Group marketing vehicles (i.e. Website Compass™ magazine). Specific information regarding Communications Partners will NOT be made available to potential advertisers of Cornerstone Group marketing vehicles (i.e. Website Compass™ magazine) without the prior written consent of the Communications Partner.

If you have questions or would like further clarification about this Privacy Policy, please contact:

Shane Petersen
Phone: 970-818-5012


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